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Pregnant Goats at Rock Hill’s ATC Expected to Give Birth This Spring

What could get a high schooler to come to school on the weekends?  A very dedicated caretaker for two pregnant goats wanting to ensure the best possible care for developing the farm animals. Ashleigh Hill, senior in the Agricultural Science program at the Applied Technology Center, visits the goats daily, sometimes twice a day, and checks on them during the weekends as well. “I could be here on the weekends for 15 minutes or it can be up to an hour,” Ashleigh said, “It depends on what chores need to be done.”

Willow and Fern, ages 3 and 2 respectively, are the goats expected to give birth this Spring.  A typical pregnancy for a goat lasts between 150 and 155 days. Both Willow and Fern are healthy in their pregnancies and showing signs of developing nicely. “I have already felt the baby’s kick inside of Willow,” Ashleigh said.

After high school graduation, Ashleigh’s plans are still undecided, but she is hoping to continue caring for Willow and Fern if land is available. “Ideally, I would love to take the goats wherever I end up,” Ashleigh said, “If that is not possible, then I have a good friend who has sufficient land that can take care of them. They will have a huge pasture to roam in that option.”   

Willow and Fern are not only bringing joy to Ashleigh, the 4K children get to visit the goats as well. “Other classes get to enjoy seeing the goats too,” Ashleigh said as she gently pets Willow, “The kids love seeing the goats and bringing treats to them.”

As time gets closer to the potential due dates, the number of eyes on the goats will intensify as teachers arriving early in the morning will be on the lookout for any activity. Ashleigh says she plans to increase the amount of times she checks on Willow and Fern, especially before heading home for the evening.  Everyone is excited for the baby goats to arrive!


High school senior with Goats at ATC