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Second semester brings excitement of 5-day continuous learning

Unlike the first semester that saw middle and high school students complete independent assignments at home on their off-campus day, the second semester brings the excitement of being able to connect with teachers each day through live video conferencing.

Middle and high school students will remain on a hybrid A/B schedule while having access to teacher-led instruction five days a week beginning with the start of the second semester, as announced by Rock Hill Schools superintendent Dr. Bill Cook during the Monday, January 25 school board meeting.

This move comes as COVID-19 cases in the area continue to rise and coincides with the district’s commitment to providing all students an opportunity for five days of continuous instruction. This model will increase touchpoints between students and teachers, which leads to increased student safety and accountability for daily attendance in the second semester.

This transition aims to improve the district’s hybrid model by:

  • Providing students with more synchronous live instruction when learning remotely,
  • Providing students more timely access to their teacher through live lessons,
  • Allowing students to learn alongside their classmates when learning remotely,
  • Allowing all students to follow a consistent schedule for active learning, and
  • Granting access to materials and archived video lessons online whether remote or in-person.

Directions will be provided by each school to ensure students are able to access their teachers and instructional materials.

To accommodate this change, middle and high school teachers will have a professional development day on Monday, February 8, to become acclimated with changes to instructional delivery and the technology required for this remote learning model to be successful. Middle school students will complete remote learning lessons on February 8, while high school students transitioning from the Rock Hill Schools Virtual Academy to in-person learning will participate in an on-campus orientation. All other high school students will begin the second semester on Tuesday, February 9.

Elementary students and teachers will continue their in-person five-day instructional model. With the enhancement for middle and high schools at the start of the second semester, all students in the district will be on a five-day learning model.

To the extent possible, Rock Hill Schools will provide a two-week notice to students, staff, and families in the event future schedule changes are needed.