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Bonus and Early Sign-on Incentive Approved for RHSD Employees

To say “thank you” for an outstanding job to its more than 2,400 employees and address recruitment and retention of staff, Rock Hill Schools’ Board of Trustees has approved bonuses totaling up to $2,000 for teachers and other employee groups, as proposed by Superintendent Dr. Bill Cook.

“We appreciate that our Board of Trustees recognizes the value of each of our dedicated team members,” Cook said. “In my 34 years in education, I have not witnessed staff at all levels stepping up to serve students and their families in the face of such challenges we continue to endure associated with the pandemic. Our staff has worked tirelessly since March to reinvent not only how we teach but where and when we teach our students. Our students and community are in a better place because of the work of our staff.”

Teachers and administrators will receive $1,500 in mid-March and an additional $500 for signing their employment contract for the next school year by April 15. Support staff will also receive a bonus of $750 for their dedication and commitment to our school community for the 2020-2021 school year, and they will be eligible for an additional $250 when committing to return to the district next school year. This early sign-on bonus will be paid to eligible employees in June.

Cook added, “all of our team members have an important role in our district, and we appreciate all of the talents they provide to our school system and community. We have worked as one team on one mission for one Rock Hill, and we continue to focus on meeting the needs of our students and staff each day.” 

In October 2019, Rock Hill Schools was the first district in the county and among the first in the state to announce a bonus in the 2019-2020 school year. At that time, the district rewarded teachers and administrators with a $1,000 bonus while giving $500 bonuses to support staff.