• Parent Involvment is an essential part of the T3 Program. Without parental support, the student will not be able to make the necessary gains throughout the program.  We will work together in the form of daily communication, weekly counseling sessions, parent support, treatment plan development, coordination with outside agencies and services, home visits, collaboration with student's home school, and training, teaching, and transitioning your student.


    Is T3 Right For My Child?

    Does your child . . .

    - Struggle with following directions?

    - Struggle with change?

    - Struggle with responding appropriately to  

    other students or adults?

    - Struggle with staying focused?

    - Have trouble getting along with others?

    - Become overly emotional or has a hard time controlling emotions?

    - Argue with others often?

    - Struggle with following rules?

    - Become frustrated or shuts down when work is hard?

    - Hit or hurt himself /herself and/or others?

    - Threaten others?

    - Use inappropriate language?

    - Bother others frequently?

    - Act overactive or distracted?

    - Struggle to pay attention or focus on one thing at a time?

    - Act without thinking?

    - Play alone often?

    - Become easily upset or angry?

    - Steal?

    - Lie and/or cheat?

    - Interrupt others or speak out of turn?

    - Have trouble making new friends or display antisocial behavior?

    - Have a negative outlook?

    - Seek attention frequently?

    - Worry often?


    *If one or more of these concerns applies to your student, T3 may be right for you.