District Goals

  • District Goals Set By Board of Trustees

    Note: Goals may be adjusted annually during the Board's summer retreat.

    Goal #1

    We expect continued improvement in academic performance.  Rock Hill Schools is currently testing below the state averages in some areas even though we are in one of the state’s school districts that has more than the average resources.  We expect the Superintendent will implement processes, programs, and initiatives to incrementally improve performance results in every area of testing with the long-range goal of 80% of students exceeding the state average (Dr. Cook will report the progress made YTD by each category of performance and recommend reasonable stretch goals for the current year).

    Goal #2

    We want to recruit and retain the most talented teachers, as this is important to achieving goal #1.  Salary and benefits are largely outside the control of the Superintendent.  We expect Dr. Cook will implement processes and initiatives that will raise the level of teacher job satisfaction.  This can be measured by (1) a climate survey of teacher satisfaction year-over-year; and (2) the number of teachers leaving the district for reasons other than retirement, illness, or relocation of a spouse. Dr. Pew agreed to present a plan in the spring and then to implement the plan during the 2018-19 school year.

    Goal #3

    The Board recognizes that the overall performance of at-risk students can have an impact on the student, on the teachers, and on other students.  We expect Dr. Cook will implement new processes, programs, and initiatives that will improve the overall performance of at-risk students.  “Overall” performance includes academics and student growth, but also includes conduct, classroom behavior, and their participation in non-academic events.

     Overarching district objective – Improved relationships and communications with all stakeholders:

    The Board believes these goals and others that were discussed are most likely achieved if communication and relationships improve with all stakeholder groups (including students, parents, teachers, staff, the business community, and each other).  The Superintendent and Trustees are committed to identifying together the initiatives that will make this possible.


    All data below provides historical reference for achievement data on various assessments. Data presented is the most up to date information available.

    Instruction and Academic Achievement:

    RHHS student graduating      Northwestern High School graduate      South Pointe student graduating

    Increase the 4-year graduation rate to 88% on or before 2019. For 2017-18, the goal is to increase the district's 4-year graduation rate to 86.5%.

    graduation rate goals for Rock Hill Schools




    Note: The state of South Carolina four-year graduation rate for 2016-17 was 84.6%.

    Increase the 5-year graduation rate to 89% on or before 2019. For 201-17, the goal is to increase the district's 5-year graduation rate to 89.0%.

    Rock Hill Schools five year graduation rate goals  



    Note: The state of South Carolina five-year graduation rate for 2016-17 was 84.3%.

    Increase the percent passage and mean scale score of End of Course (EOC) assessments to be above the state performance level and to increase district performance compared to the prior year:

    End of Course Performance

    Note: Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, all students were required to take the End of Course Examination Program (EOCEP) in English 1, Algebra 1 and Biology by the end of their third year of high school, even if they are not on a diploma track. Beginning in 2017-18, US History EOCEP will also be required of all students, even if they are not on a diploma track.

    NWEA MAP logo

    Meet or exceed the 2015 Northwest Education Association (NWEA) national norms on the Reading and Mathematics portion of the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment in grades K-8 as indicated below:

    Rock Hill Schools MAP Reading Performance


    Rock Hill Schools MAP Mathematics Performance


    Fountas & Pinnell logo

    Increase the percentage of students reading on grade level, as measured by Fountas and Pinnell and South Carolina READY, by the end of 3rd grade to meet the state's goal of 90% by 2030.

    Rock Hill Schools fountas and pinnel results




    South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards logo

    In areas of SCPASS Science and Social Studies, Rock Hill Schools has a goal to improve its mean (average) scale scores over the prior year and to meet or exceed the State of South Carolina's mean (average) scale score for all grade levels.

    SC PASS science performance  

    SC PASS Social Studies Performance

    Note: Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, South Carolina implemented new science standards.

    SC READY logo

    Decrease the percentage of students scoring Below Expectations to 25.58% or less on the Spring 2018 SC READY Mathematics assessment. 

     SC READY Math Performance

    English/Language Arts:
    Decrease the percentage of students scoring Below Expectations to 22.01% or less on the Spring 2018 SC READY English/Language Arts assessment. 

    SC READY ELA Performance

    College Board logo   

    Increase the percent of students who receive a final grade of A or B in an AP course and an AP exam score of 3, 4 or 5.

    Advanced Placement performance data


    Employee Professional Growth:

    Implement Professional Learning Communities district wide to expand relevant professional development within the district as measured by a pre- and post-assessment and review of Professional Learning Community meetings and minutes.



    Develop a balanced budget for the FY 19 fiscal year that supports the school district's mission and vision for student achievement.