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    Who We Are

    The District Attendance Office is part of the Department of Strategic Planning, Engagement, and Program Support.  We serve all schools and students in Pre-K through twelfth grade. Absences from school represent an educational loss either in-person or learning virtually: student attendance is the basis of determining student success in school and in life. 

    All of our 24 schools are committed to supporting students and families by providing personalized early outreach, along with any response to remove any barriers to improving student attendance. Please view the name and contact number of the attendance clerk at your school under the Home Page-Directory of School Attendance Clerks and Phone Number. Please reach out to them. They will assist you by connecting you with your school attendance team, who will help and support you. Our school attendance teams are committed to providing a nurturing, supportive educational experience for all students.

    The District Attendance Office guides students and families in understanding the importance of their legal obligation, as well as ours, under South Carolina State Attendance Laws. This includes South Carolina Compulsory Attendance Laws, South Carolina Board of Education Regulations, and Rock Hill School District’s Guidelines for Student Attendance.

    Please view the support documents under our Home Page; Rock Hill School District Attendance Guidelines, Parent and School Resources Elementary, Parent and School Resources Middle and High. This is printable and extremely helpful information.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact the District Attendance Office by calling 803-981-1077.

    What We Do

    • Engage students and families to make school attendance a top priority.
    • Serve students and their families, and respond to the needs of the "whole child" to ensure regular school attendance and being on time.
    • Provide personalized early outreach with Attendance Support Teams for all our schools.
    • Support schools and community agencies for barriers that keep students from attending class.
    • Implementation of South Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law.
    • Building Student Achievement with the habit of regular school attendance



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    Sally W. Wilson, M.Ed.
    Rock Hill Schools - District Attendance Coordinator



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    Susan Murphy
    Rock Hill Schools - Attendance Supervisor

    Phone:  (803) 981-1077