• When I was a student at Northwestern, class of 1988, I loved the feeling of being in the art studio and I wanted to be an art teacher to help others know what it felt like to be empowered to create something. In my mind, that meant becoming an art teacher in a public school. What I discovered, however, is that my career options could be as creative as my artwork.

    Instead of teaching in a traditional K-12 school, I began teaching in community centers that offered classes to students of all ages in whatever state I wanted to live in. My work in community education spanned from Vermont, to Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. After a family move to Arkansas, I ultimately became a public school art teacher. After teaching just three years, I was recognized as the 2012 Arkansas Teacher of the Year. An honor that I credit to my previous 12 years of experience teaching people from all walks of life at all different points along their journey.

    The commitment to art education continues. After nearly 25 years, I have returned to Rock Hill to promote and advocate for the importance and value of arts education for all SC students at the Arts in Basic Curriculum Project. No matter where or what the job requires one thing has remained true…my belief in the importance of teaching art as part of the human experience.