• Briefly, I graduated from Northwestern High School in 2006. Since graduation, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree cum laude from Anderson University in 2011. In college, I majored in biology and minored in chemistry. Immediately after graduating from college, I attended the Medical University of South Carolina where I pursued my doctoral studies in Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences. I received my Doctor of Philosphopy degree in December (2017). However, while wrapping up my thesis and dissertation work this past semester, I enrolled in the Charleston School of Law. 

    I just finished my first semester of law school and began my second semester a few weeks back. I am expected to graduate law school in 2020. Once I hold both the PhD and JD degrees, I plan to practice law in the field of intellectual property law, drug law, patent law, etc.

    In addition to my academic studies, I have successfully published (2) first-author manuscripts detailing my dissertation work. In addition, I am second author on a book chapter and a contributing author on two other peer-reviewed publications. 

    I was in the state's custody from 13-18 years of age, and during this period, I lived in both group homes and foster homes in various regions throughout South Carolina. It was indeed a major success to overcome this adversity in the manor I did. I often find myself overlooking this period of my life, because of the many hardships that were accompanied with the circumstance.

    One of my favorite quotes I often find myself reflecting on are the words of the great Winston Churchill where he said, "Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." I have tried my best in both good and bad circumstances to live my life by this standard. It has carried me through many difficult situations, and I am confident it will continue to do so in the future.