• My name is Derricia, and I’m originally from Charlotte, but was raised here in Rock Hill.  I graduated from NHS in 2016 and am currently a Winthrop Eagle.

    My Journey:
    Guys, let me be honest, college is a great experience, but I’ve had some ups and downs; but guess what? I learned from them and I still do because they make me a better student. Between the time I entered, and as of now, I’ve changed a lot in my ways of handling things and thinking. I’ve learned to just go take a step back sometimes and to thoroughly think things through in different perspectives, not just my own. How to become empathetic of others, meaning even if I don’t know what’s going on, I can try to see where the person is coming from. A major thing I've learned is how to think and listen critically. I cannot stress enough how important these two concepts are! By using these, you’re not just listening to listen or skimming through a text and forgetting about it the next minute, but you dissect it and put it into your own understanding. I’m not perfect at it but so far I’ve learned to ask questions, how to elaborate and explain, grasp key concepts, and if possible, illustrate what I see/say/hear to help another’s understanding. Also be open minded and not have the “my way or highway” thinking. These concepts play a role not only in school, but in the adult world as well. I’m still learning as I go, but if anything, keep these lessons I've learned in mind because they will help you in many ways in the long run.