• Trojan Seal

    Northwestern High School is a public high school in Rock Hill Schools.  The city of Rock Hill is located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Northwestern High School:

    • Has a current enrollment of 1753 students
    • Is a comprehensive high school for grades 9-12
    • Is accredited by the State of South Carolina and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
    • Utilizes a 4 X 4 block schedule

    Northwestern State Report Card

  • Student Profile

    The graduating class of 2019 consisted of 418 students.

    • 66% continuing directly to college
    • 39% attending 4-year colleges
    • 27% attending 2-year colleges

    220 students took the SAT with an average composite score of 1096.

    • Mean evidence-based reading & writing:  566
    • Mean math: 530

    438 students took the ACT with an average composite score of 18.2.

  • Graduation Requirements

     4 units
     Math  4 units
     U.S. History  1 unit
     Gov/Econ  1 unit
     Other Social Studies  1 unit
     Science  3 units
     Physical Education  1 unit
     Health   1 unit
     Computer Science  1 unit
     Electives  7 units
     24 units
  • Faculty Information - Degrees Earned

     Bachelor's Degree  33
     Bachelor's Degree plus 18 hours    6
     Master's Degree  54
     Master's Degree plus 30 hours  14
     Doctorate    3
     National Board Certified  16
  • Curriculum Profile

    More than two hundred courses are offered, including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Honors, College-Preparatory, and Applied Technology courses.

    • International Baccalaureate:

               Biology HL; Chemistry; English HL; French SL; History of the Americas HL: Information Technology in a Global Society; Math Studies SL; Mathematics SL; Music SL;

               Spanish B SL; Twentieth Century History Topics; Theory of Knowledge

    • Advanced Placement:

               American History; Art; Biology; Calculus AB; Chemistry; Computer Science; English Language & Composition; European History; Spanish

    • Dual Credit:

              Anatomy & Physiology 101; Calculus/Math 140; Criminal Justice 101; English Composition 101/102; History 101/102;  Intro. to Forensic Science 150;  Math 101;

              Psychology 101;  Teacher Cadet 101

    • Honors:

              Art; Band; Biology; Chemistry; Chorus; Civil Engineering & Architecture; Digital Electronics; French; Physics; Pre-calculus; Spanish