• After graduating from Northwestern in 1992, I studied business at Winthrop University and would work for 3 years after undergrad before returning to Winthrop to complete my MBA.  My career began in banking in Charlotte and after receiving my MBA, I transitioned to Investment Banking.  Since completing my MBA in 2004, I have worked on the trading floor at Bank of America in Charlotte, at a hedge fund in Dallas, and later started a Structured Credit business at a Japanese firm where I managed $500mm in assets. I moved to NYC one year ago to work for a firm as a specialists and have traveled all over the world (including several trips to Israel, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait) to meet with investors and educate them about structured credit. 

    While living in Dallas, I was nominated as one of "Dallas' Most Eligible Men" which coincidentally led to me participating in two TV shows (Million Dollar Matchmaker on the WE network in 2016 and Below Deck on Bravo in 2017).  During my appearance on Below Deck, one of the six folks I invited to join me in chartering a yacht in Split, Croatia was Phil Murdock who was a longtime friend and former NWHS alumni.  

    Bravo featured a brief story about "who is Jason Ziegler" on their website and one of the references mentioned was a visit I paid to speak to students about the excitement of travel.  The teacher was 1992 NWHS alumni Tommi Kay Simpson.  

    I would love for students to follow along with my journey on Instagram - my user name is jasonzieg.