• I graduated NHS in 2012 and went on to school at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  While I was there I majored in Information Technology (IT) with an honorary degree from the Geo-spatial Information Systems (GIS) department.  I was a member of the West Point paintball team for two years until I walked on to the Army West Point Football team as a long snapper.  I was also certified as a peer counselor in the initial pilot program at school.

    I graduated West Point in 2016 and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Armor branch of the U.S. Army.  I completed several follow on schools after graduation at Ft. Benning, GA to include the Armor Officer's Basic Leader Course and the Army Reconnaissance Course.  

    I am now a First Lieutenant stationed in El Paso, TX where I have been assigned as a Mobile Gun System Platoon Leader (MGS) in 6-1 CAV, 1st Armor Brigade, 1st Armor Division in Ft Bliss.  I am responsible for four MGS and eleven men.  My job is to ensure that they remain trained on our weapon systems, as well as to lead and command them in combat.  

    My picture was taken at the end of a platoon training exercise.  The Stetson I am wearing is a symbol of the Cavalry unit that I am a part of, as well as the proud history of the armor branch.  My platoon, pictured behind me, are as diverse as they come.  Their ages range from 18 to 40.  We come from every walk of life and every corner of the nation.  One of my soldiers is from Northern California, while another is from Hilton Head, SC!  Pictured behind my platoon is our MGS.

    Coming from NHS has definitely set me up for success as an adult.  I learned very early on how to work with and enjoy many different types of people and their cultures.  This has certainly aided me in the army as I have had to travel to Spain, England, Germany, Portugal, and Italy to conduct and facilitate training.  Little did I know that my three years of high school Spanish would come in so handy! Especially in El Paso!

    Alex Clamp in the center