The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) helps you to understand your unique skills and interests, identify potentially satisfying careers, and discover all the different ways to get your dream job. It is a great opportunity for students who aren't sure about what they want to do after high school. While the ASVAB can be used as a military entrance assessment, participation does not commit you to the military in any way.

    Fall ASVAB Date: October 31st
    Spring ASVAB Date: TBD
    If you would like to sign up for the ASVAB, please see Ms. Tucker in the School Counseling Office or send an email to CTucker@rhmail.org.
    Those looking for practice test items/study resources can find them here:


    Marine Corps/Army/Navy

    ● Can sign up as a junior under the pulley program.

    ● Take a physical and complete an extensive background check.

    ● Has several jobs to choose from.

    ● Can be active or reserve:

         ○ If active duty, you can go to school for free.

         ○ As a reservist, you could have a full-time job.

    National Guard

    ● Can sign up and join the summer before Senior Year.

    ● You will be obligated to go to school and more training after graduation.


    South Carolina National Guard 

    Ssg Gary Thomas 

    126 Museum Road

    Rock Hill, Sc 29732 

    Mobile: 803-230-0004 

    Office: 803-299-5968 

    Email: Gary.n.thomas.mil@mail.mil 


    United States Air Force 

    TSgt Aaron Linnean 

    2383 Cherry Road 

    Rock Hill, SC 29730 

    Mobile: 803-992-1799 

    Office: 803-992-1799 

    Email: aaron.linnean@us.af.mil 


    United States Army 

    SSG Joshua Smith 

    2383 Cherry Road 

    Rock Hill, SC 29732 

    Mobile: 803-369-1043 

    Office: 803-366-5105 

    Email: joshua.l.smith282.mil@mail.mil 


    United States Marines 

    Sgt. Craig Allen

    2383 Cherry Rd 

    Rock Hill, SC 29732  

    Cell: 704-361-1696 

    Email: craig.allen@marines.usmc.mil


    United States Navy 

    Sgt Damien Drayne 

    2383 Cherry Rd 

    Rock Hill, SC 29732 

    Mobile: 803-679-1332 

    Office: 919-501-5456 

    Email: damien.l.drayne@navy.mil