• Individual Sophomore IGP Meetings
    Meetings will begin February 16, 2023 for ON CAMPUS students.

    Use Calendly to schedule your Sophomore IGP Meeting.

    IGPs that are not scheduled by the student/family by February 22nd, a meeting will be scheduled by your School Counselor.

    IGP meetings will host the student in person and the parent is encouraged to participate by phone call.


    Sophomore IGP Meetings

    Please be prepared for your IGP meeting so we can make the most of our time together. 

    In order to prepare for the IGP Meeting, students and parents should view the Sophomore IGP Video and Resources Below.

    Click HERE for Sophomore IGP Video

    Click HERE for Course Selection Sheet

    Click HERE for Graduation Requirements, Seals, and District Course Catalog

    Click HERE for NHS Elective Video


    BOOK YOUR Sophomore IGP NOW!!!

    Calendly Appointment Link- Click the correct link below to schedule your Sophomore IGP.

    (1) Click on your School Counselors Name (Based on your last name)

    (2) Click the date/time you prefer for your meeting (Select one)

    (3) Enter your information (Use Student Name for Appointment).

    (4) Click SCHEDULE EVENT to confirm.


    Student Last Name A - CH  (Ms. Bednarz)

    Student Last Name Cl - Gi  (Mrs. Dean)

    Student Last Name GI - K  (Mrs. Howell)

    Student Last Name  L - M  (Ms. Burkhart)

    Student Last Name N - Si (Mr. Herrington)

    Student Last Name Sk - Z  (Ms. Scott)