• If you are planning on playing sports in college, you need to register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  Follow these steps:


    1) Register at the start of your JUNIOR year so that you may have your SAT/ACT scores sent directly to the Eligibility Center.  Cost to register is $90.

    2) Go to www.ncaaeligibilitycenter.org to register.  Make sure to let Mr. Herrington in the Guidance Office know you have registered.  We will send your transcript at the END of your JUNIOR year.  The Eligibility Center will not look at or evaluate a transcript with less than 6 completed semesters. The 6th semester is not completed until the end of the Junior year.

    3) Request your SAT/ACT scores be sent directly to the Eligibility Center when you register for either test by coding the number 9999 in one of the four institution/"free" spaces in the registration section identifying where you want your scores sent. You must code 9999 each time you take either test. The Eligibility Center will only accept SAT/ACT scores directly from the testing centers.



  • Fee Waivers for Registration

    If a student receives free or reduced lunch, he/she may qualify for a fee waiver.  See Mr. Herrington if you think you qualify


  • Click here for the 2016-2017 Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete


  • Grading Scale Used by the NCAA Eligibility Center


    Grade                                      Quality Points

        A                                      4.0

       B                                       3.0

       C                                       2.0

       D                                       1.0