• Types of Financial Aid



    Scholarships are awards that go directly to paying for your education based on academics, financial need or other criteria.  Scholarships do not have to be repaid.  Scholarships include General University Scholarships awarded by the college or university (be sure to check the college's financial aid webpage); Departmental Scholarships awarded by a variety of departments within the college or university (check out the different departments' web pages); Scholarships specifically for SC Residents awarded by the college/university (visit their financial aid webpage) and/or the state of SC (see State Scholarship & Grants on this webpage); Non-Institutional/Private Scholarships awarded by other entities



    Like scholarships, grants do not have to be repaid, but often are based on financial need or some other criteria.  Your eligibility will be determined by your federal student aid application (FAFSA)



    Many students help pay for their education with a part-time job while they are in school.  Your eligibility for the Federal Work Study program is determined by your federal student aid application (FAFSA)



    Unlike scholarships and grants, loans do have to be repaid.  You want to try to graduate from college with as little debt as possible, so it is ideal to exhaust your scholarship, grant and employment opportunities before taking a student loan. Again, your loan eligibility is determined by your federal student aid application (FAFSA)


Raise.Me Micro-Scholarships

  • Through Raise.Me, Northwestern High School students can earn “micro-scholarships” (performance-based scholarships) from over 250 colleges for each of their academic and extracurricular achievements beginning in the 9th grade.

    More Info:    raise.me


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