• 2018-2019
    Sullivan Middle Dress Down                falcon
    For Fall Picture Day
    Students participating in this full dress down days must abide by the following guidelines:
    1. Shirt/blouse/tops are to be worn with appropriate undergarments. Jersey and t-shirts will also be
    permitted, however, offensive or suggestive writing, pictures or patches on clothing are prohibited. This
    includes advertising for drugs/alcohol/tobacco products or promotion of violence. Sleeveless t-shirts
    will not be permitted.
    2. Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, strapless, see-through clothing, and low-cut tops will NOT be
    permitted. Shoulders must be covered. Tucking is not required, but shirts must cover the belt line when
    arms are raised above the head. Untucked shirts or jerseys may not extend below mid-thigh.
    3. Pants/ bottoms may not consist of: athletic shorts, jogging suits, sweatpants, pajamas, leggings,
    jeggings, tights of any kind, spandex or fleece material. Pants that are ripped, torn, or tattered (even if
    purchased torn) are not allowed. Jeans must be properly fitting jeans. They may be colored material
    but not spandex. Belts must be worn with all garments containing belt loops.
    4. As stated in this year’s standard code of dress: All shorts, skirts, and jumpers should be worn no shorter
    than four inches from top of the knee. The top of a slit of the skirt should not be any higher than four
    inches from the top of the knee.
    5. Earrings, necklaces and other small jewelry may be worn. Hoop and dangling earrings no larger than two inches
    will be permitted for this occasion.
    6. Students may not wear sunglasses, nor any other headwear not permitted in our daily dress code
    7. Shoes must be in compliance with the standard code of dress policy. (Therefore, no flip flops,
    mismatched, shower, bedroom style, spiked heels, heels higher than 2 inches, or snow boots may be
    Students who choose to dress inappropriately for this event will be asked to contact a parent/guardian for
    dress code attire and may lose future privileges to participate in dress down days.
    All students are permitted to dress down today – even if they’re not purchasing photos.
    Reminder to 8th Graders: This picture will be used THROUGHOUT your 9th grade year as your
    high school ID photo.