• The Student Handbook, is required reading for all students and they must sign the page acknowledging that they have read and understood the rules of the Student Handbook.  

    Student Dress Code

    Please note a change in our dress code as voted on and approved by our SIC: “Sweaters, crew neck and hooded sweatshirts of any solid color MAY BE WORN. They must be plain or have a Sullivan logo, and hoods MAY NOT be worn over the head. Sweaters must be a solid color and can be a pullover or cardigan type, but must not be longer than the waist. A collared shirt must be visible underneath the sweatshirt and sweater. No cropped sweaters.”


    If students have any questions, they should ask their Home base (Falcon Time) teacher or Assistant Principal for their grade level. 

    For information that is not found in this Handbook or on our website, please call the school office at 803-981-1450

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.