Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science Human Nutrition, Master in Arts and Teaching Physical Education K-12 both from Winthrop

Ms. Hayley Whisonant

How long have you been teaching? 
5 Years!
What is your teacher mission statement? 
I want to teach children to a variety of activities that they can enjoy for a lifetime that support their mental, emotional, and social well being.
What are your goals as a teacher this year? 
This year I want to instill in my students to always try their best that day and be proud of that. No person or athlete can be 100% all the time, but if everyday you give all you have for that day then that is something to be proud of. I try to do this with goals I have for myself and I want my students to do this everyday.
What IB Trait do you feel you embody the most? 
I believe I have become more open-minded. The past year and half has taught us a lot about being flexible and adjusting to make things work. I never go into a day, activity thinking it can only be done one way.