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     Frequently Asked Questions


    What special program is offered at Sullivan Middle School? 

    • The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB-MYP) is for all students who attend our school.  It is known world-wide for its rigor and success in developing students who are compassionate and lifelong learners.  The program seeks to develop inquiring students who are knowledgeable, caring and respectful of the intercultural world around them. 


    How does the instructional program at SMS differ from traditional middle school programming?

    • The SC standards-based instructional program differs because teachers are trained to use the five areas of interaction to provide contexts for learning and make real-life connections. 
    • The MYP assessment is unique, challenging and internally and externally standardized.  It seeks to promote self awareness of growth and achievement in all eight subject groups. 
    • The fundamental concepts of the program are intercultural awareness, holistic learning and communication.
    • All students are required to take a second language.
    • The program consists of eight subject groups: Arts (performing and visual); Design; Individuals and Societies (social studies);  Language Acquisition (Chinese, French and Spanish); Language and Literature; Math; Physical and Health Education; and Science.
    • We are evaluated for program fidelity every five years by an external IB visiting team.


    Who may attend Sullivan Middle School?

    • Students zoned for SMS are automatically included.
    • Students who attend Rock Hill Schools are eligible. Students must complete application process and be accepted.
    • Students must have acceptable records of attendance and discipline from their currently zoned schools.
    • Siblings of students interested in the IB-MYP program will be given priority.


    What is the application schedule?  How may my child apply?

    If my child enrolls, may they change schools during the year?

    • Once enrolled at SMS, a student who is attending from another school zone must remain for the entire school year. Students may return to their zoned school the following year.


    Does my child need to reapply each year?

    • A student does not need to reapply each year once accepted into the program. 
    • Students not accepted may update and resubmit their application packet for the next year.


    How can I find out more about IB-MYP?