• SIC Members for the 2022-2023 school year are:TBA


    SIC Members for the 2021-2022 school year were:

    Juan Roldan: Principal               

    Mary Ann Kennedy: SIC Chair/Parent



    Here are our members for the 2021-22 school year. Reach out to any members below for more info or join us at monthly meeting. These should start in September and will be posted on the school calendar and in the Falcon Flyer weekly newsletter.  For more info, you can also review these pages or view our Report to the Parents.

    Parent and Chair, Mary Ann Kennedy (2yr term) Email: tigerunner2000@gmail.com

    Parent and Vice-Chair, Hollie Yi (1yr term) Email: holliewyi@gmail.com

    Parent and Secretary, Alice Davis (2yr term) Email: adavis@wfcorp.com

    Parent, Matt Blackston (1yr term)

    Teacher, Stephanie Peavy

    Teacher, Megan Woodall

    Teacher, TBD

    Community Member, Rev. Suzanne Ringer, Oakland Baptist Church

    Community Member, Judy Rauppius, National Alliance on Mental Illness (N.A.M.I.)

    Community Member, Dr. Dave Vawter, Winthrop University College of Education professor

    Community Member, Julia Beaty, Carolina Family Engagement Center

    Email: beaty2@mailbox.sc.edu

    Parent and PTO President (Ex-Officio Member), Izabela Haas