• As a Middle Years IB Programme students, all of our eight graders are expected to complete a Community Project. 

     Watch a video of some students projects that they have completed this school year:

    SMS Community Project Ch1 2017-18 from Sullivan Falcon on Vimeo.


    Sullivan uses the Community Project Criteria to assess the components of the Community Project.  Students can receive up to a total of 32 points (no more than 8 in each of the 4 areas).  We award cords to students for the 8th grade processional at the Honors and Awards ceremony at the end of the school year.  Cord colors are based on total points -


    • 32-28 points = gold cordCords
    • 27-20 points = silver cord
    • 19-12 points = blue cord
    • 11-4 points = white cord