• School Improvement Council

    Our School Improvement Plan is at the bottom of this page.

    Purpose and Responsibility

    The purpose and responsibility of the Rock Hill High School Improvement Council will be to:

    1. Serve the school in an advisory and support role, bringing together parents, educators, and community members to collaborate on the continuous improvement of the school;
    2. Be involved in the schools’ School Renewal Plan by participating in developing the plan and assisting in implementing and evaluating the outcomes of the plan;
    3. Assist in preparation of annual Plan updates; 
    4. Write the annual Report to Parents about the school’s progress in meeting the plan's goals and objectives, due for distribution by April 30;
    5. Advise on the spending of any state incentive award funds (if allocated by the legislature and awarded to the school);
    6. Assist the principal in writing a brief explanatory narrative for inclusion in the annual School Report Card;
    7. Advise on the revision of the School Renewal Plan if the school is rated “At Risk” on the School Report Card;
    8. Provide other assistance that the principal may request as well as carrying out any other duties prescribed by the school board.

    The council will not have any of the powers and duties reserved by law or regulation to the local school board.

    Representation and Membership

    Rock Hill High School Improvement Council will be composed of a minimum of 6 members (2 teachers, 2 parents, 2 representatives from the greater school community), not including ex-officio members. A ratio of two-thirds elected members to one-third appointed members would be maintained as mandated by state law, not including ex-officio members. Their respective peers will elect parents and teachers. The school principal will appoint community members with attention to the representation on the council in terms of race, sex, geography, grade level representation, or other variables important to the school. Membership will be staggered and members will be encouraged to serve two-year terms where appropriate (i.e. a parent still has a child in the school).


    2018-2019 Meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month unless that is a school holiday. Meetings will take place in the A-Building Congerence Room (A106) at 6:00PM.



    Monday, August 27th (Minutes)

    Monday, January 14th  (Minutes

    Monday, September 10th  (Minutes)

    Monday, February 11th (Minutes)

    Monday, October 8th  (Minutes)

    Monday, March 11th (Minutes)

    Monday, November 12th  (Minutes)

    Monday, April 8th (Minutes)

    December meeting cancelled due to weather

    Monday, May 13th (Minutes)


    “Achievers are those who have re-defined impossible, changing 'what can't be done into 'a work in progress.'” – Richelle E. Goodrich    


    Archived minutes

    2017 Sept 18

    2017 Oct 16

    2017 Nov 20

    2017 Dec 18

    2018 Jan 16

    2018 Feb 20

    2018 Mar 19

    2018 Apr 16

    2018 May 21


    School Improvement Plan

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