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School Counseling Services

  • Rock Hill High School is fortunate to have six certified school counselors who serve students based upon the SC Comprehensive Guidance and School Counseling Plan.

    Counselors advocate for students and provide them with academic and personal support.  Counselors are usually available in their offices before, during and after school. 

    Our department also has the services of a full-time Career Development Counselor who organizes career interest opportunities and teaches career-related lessons in English courses. 

    Our school also offers students individual mental health counseling with therapists from either Catawba Mental Health or the RHSD.  Please contact your student's school counselor for a referral to get connected with mental health services for your student.





  • RHHS Counselors

    Guidance Office: (803) 981-1338

    Counselor   Student Last Names  Phone
     Mr. Drew Phillips  A-Ce  981-1306
     Ms. Karen Jackson  Ch-Gl  981-1123
     Ms. Mandy Daigle  Go-K  981-1335
     Ms. Brandi Brown  L-O  981-1308
     Mr. Bobby Page  P-Sp  981-1307
     Ms. Kim Neely  St-Z  981-1309
     Ms. Kristen Starcher  Career Counselor  981-1394