• These questions and answers represent a sampling of questions that counselors tend to answer for parents.  They are meant to inform and act as a general guideline.  Please see your child's counselor or administrator for specific questions regarding your student that may not be addressed in these questions and answers. 

    1.  What does my child need to graduate and how can I make sure he or she is on track to graduate?

    South Carolina diploma requirements are listed in detail in the "Graduation Requirements" link in the left menu on this page.  Aside from looking over the listed credit and testing requirements for earning a SC diploma, there are several ways that parents are encouraged to monitor their student's progress.  The following are some suggestions to foster success in your child while he or she moves towards graduation.

    *  Attend Open House to meet teachers and get information from the grade level meetings conducted by counselors.

    *  Be aware of progress and report card issue dates as posted on the district calendar, since students now bring home these reports.

    * Monitor your student's attendance so that he /she is not in attendance trouble at the end of the semester.  Reports about attendance can be obtained at 981-1398.

    * If you have access to the internet, obtain Canvas information in the School Counseling Office to monitor your student's grades and attendance. 

    * Attend your child's assigned Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting each year.  This is when counselors meet one-on-one with every student in a formal meeting to determine course and career planning.  Understanding the process of selecting courses and how that translates into post secondary planning will surely assist you in helping your child prepare for the future.

    * Attend your student's "senior meeting" during 12th grade.  This is an opportunity to sit down with your student and his/her counselor to discuss specific college, career and military options. 

    *  Contact your child's teachers and/or counselor during the year to get information or assistance.  If contact is not made until the end of the grading period or semester it may be more difficult to implement strategies for success.

    2.  What does my student need to take to be ready to start at a 4 year college?

    In addition to the general SC graduation requirements, 4-year college bound students need to be aware of some additional guidelines about preparation in high school.  See the SC Commission on Higher Education's details here:  CHE 4 Year College Prep 

    3.  Where can I get information about SAT or ACT?

    Both SAT and ACT are widely used and accepted college entrance examinations.  The link the the left, "ACT and SAT Info.", provides test and registration dates and links to practice websites.  Have your student speak to his/her counselor before registering to obtain more information about testing and determine if waivers can be provided. SAT Info  ACT Info

    4.  I have a senior and we are interested in scholarships.  How do you go about getting scholarship information to students?

    Mr. Phillips coordinates our Scholarship process and there is detailed information about the scholarship process in the "Scholarship" link in the menu to the left.  Scholarship information is advertised on the morning and afternoon announcements, on this website, in the Scholarship book in the School Counseling Office and through Facebook announcements, Twitter and on the "RHHS School Counseling" page (@RHHSGuidance).  It is the student's responsibility to search through available scholarships and apply for the specific awards.  Students may request paper applications for scholarships in the School Counseling Office or they may apply directly through the links online.   Students that do not apply for scholarships that require applications will not be awarded that scholarship money!  Please encourage your senior to stop by and see his/her counselor for more information so that the maximum amount of scholarships can be earned!

     5.  I provided medical excuses for several days my child was out of school.  Why is he being told he has to go to make-up school?

    As stated in the Student Handbook, a student must attend 84 of 90 days for a semester long course, as required by South Carolina law.  So, when a student is out for ANY reason (medical excuse, parent excuse, court, family issue), those absences go toward the allowed 6 days.  Any days missed over 6 must be made up in either morning tutoring and/or make up school. See detailed Attendance information in the Student Handbook for more specifics.

    Competency-based credit is a policy that takes into account a student that has documented absences over 6 and earns certain minimum grades.  Please contact  the Attendance Office at 981-1317 with specific questions.

    6. What is this I've heard about my student needing to pick a major? What if she doesn't know what she wants to do right now?

    In the spring semester of 10th grade, during the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting, students do select a major.  Beginning in elementary school and throughout middle school, students begin exploring career areas and clusters.  In high school, students are asked to define a major by the end of 10th grade to give the student's career exploration a focus.  Students must complete 4 approved electives to complete a major.  Students may change their major beyond 10th grade, however, this may limit the time they have left to earn credits toward a new major. 

    7.  How can I have my child take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT)?  Does the ACT offer a practice test like the SAT does with the PSAT?

    Rock Hill High School offers the PSAT each fall for college bound 10th and 11th grade students that register.  This test is a practice SAT that offers detailed feedback on test results.  RHHS gives this test each October and registration will be done in the School Counseling Office in the weeks preceding the test date.  There is a cost to register and that is usually around $20.  In 11th grade, student PSAT scores are screened for qualifying in the National Merit/National Achievement Scholarship programs. 

    **4 year college prep students should register to take the Test Prep elective offered at RHHS.  This course gives students practice, strategies and helpful information for SAT and ACT.  Consider this course when selecting courses in the spring!

    8.  I am interested in learning how to order a class ring for my student.  How is the school involved with that process?

    Each spring, RHHS partners with the Jostens ring representatives to provide an informational meeting to all 10th graders about ring orders through Jostens.  Packets are sent home and the ring representatives return several times in the spring to collect ring orders.  In the fall, RHHS and Jostens host a Ring Ceremony, where rings are formally distributed to students as a junior class.  If a student does not order in the spring of the sophomore year, there are packets available at any time in the School Counseling Office.  However, to recieve a ring at the Ring Ceremony in the fall, a student must order during the previous spring order time.

    9.  Are there any summer program opportunities that RHHS makes available to students?

    Various summer program opportunities come through the RHHS School Counseling Office.  Some programs require that students be nominated and some are open to any student that applies.  Ms. Jackson coordinates the summer program annoncements and information.  The tab at the left entitled "Summer Programs" has the complete listing of programs available through our office.  Applications are often online, but paper applications can be obtained from Mrs. Jackson in the School Counseling Office. 

    10.  How do I get a cap and gown for my senior to wear at graduation?

    Students are encouraged to order early to ensure that they have what they need at graduation time and to avoid potential late fees.   Balfour is the company that RHHS uses for caps/gowns, invitations and graduation announcements.  Students should be sure to order a cap, gown and diploma cover--this is required to participate in the graduation ceremony!  www.hsgradsupplies.com  Ms. Jackson is our Balfour contact and can answer additional questions.