About Our Programs

  • Accelerated Studies- Grades K-5
    Learning is enhanced through technology infusion, student choice, research opportunities, and expeditionary learning challenges.
    Learning is differentiated based on specific needs of students, high levels of academic challenge, and strategies for students with special needs
    Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies K-5

    Arts- Grades K-5
    Learning is based on the integration of dance, drama, music and visual art.
    Learning is enriched through the arts and provides opportunities for all students to succeed by increasing self-confidence, self-expression, and self-discipline
    Northside Elementary School of the Arts K-5

    International Baccalaureate- Grades 6-8, 11-12
    Learning helps students establish personal values as a foundation upon which international-mindedness will develop and flourish.
    Learning experiences develop an appreciation of and respect for other cultures through integrated instruction, global problem exploration, and critical thinking.
    Sullivan Middle School 6-8
    Rock Hill High School 11-12

    Inquiry- Grades 3-5
    Learning is a natural process that requires conversation, feedback, and reflection.
    Learning is a process that requires students to view and respect the world through multiple perspectives.
    Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School 3-5

    Language Immersion- Grades K-12
    Learning occurs in Spanish or French for 50% of instruction and in English.
    Learning in a bilingual environment increases flexibility in thinking.
    Cherry Park Elementary School K-5
    Sullivan Middle School 6-8
    Rock Hill High 9-12

    Montessori- Grades 3K-2
    Learning is based on student choice and a hands-on discovery model.
    Learning is in the context of a multi-age classroom.
    Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School K-2

    STEAM- Grades K-12
    Learning is grounded in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
    Learning is problem-based and project based across all grades.
    Oakdale Elementary School K-5
    Saluda Trail Middle School 6-8
    South Pointe High School 9-12

    Rock Hill Schools Virtual Academy - Grades 3-12
    The Rock Hill Virtual Academy can be a great fit for independent, self-motivated students who enjoy the benefits of learning in a flexible environment, from home, while still having access to certificated teachers and a challenging curriculum. Teachers in the Virtual Academy provide face-to-face (synchronous) instruction via Zoom in concert with digital coursework for asynchronous learning through computer-based platforms.