Program Overview

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        Inquiry at Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School

        The Inquiry Program focuses on students pursuing their natural curiosity to create their own learning path and build their knowledge. With the inquiry approach, students are empowered to explore, research, and share on topics based on their personal interests and fascinations.  The program is designed to guide students to explore more deeply in their own way and on their own timeline.

        The Inquiry Program follows state standards but allows students to own their learning through an integrated approach in the classroom. Teachers set the stage for learning by introducing a unit then letting students open it up with their own wonderings and questions. The students will conduct wide-ranging research on a subject using a variety of methods ranging from provided resources to interviews with field experts. 

        One of the distinctive components of inquiry-based learning is that the learning process is not over once the answers have been found. It’s important for students to learn ways to communicate their findings and reflect on their learning process. This could be sharing with their classmates, the community, or a guest speaker.

        The Inquiry Program at Ebenezer uses a five domain model for teaching that merges the characteristics that lead students to life-long success merged with the profile of a South Carolina high school graduate:

        1. Self-Control
        2. Social Comprehension
        3. Growth Mindset
        4. Showing and Having Gratitude
        5. Living as an “Inquirer or Wonderer”

        Every Monday and Friday, all grades will congregate in the Gathering Room for prepared student-led discussions. As a key part of the program, the Gathering Room serves as a way to tie all grades and classrooms together while teaching students important interpersonal skills. Each week, a different class will prepare and lead the Gathering on a real-world related topic that challenges the other students to think critically. The student-led presentations and discussions help to develop communication, analytical, and leadership skills.      

        If you are deciding if the Inquiry Program is right for your child, here are some questions to consider.  Is your child self-motivated? Does your child have a strong curiosity about the world? Does your child like to obtain as much information as they can on a subject? Does your child like to draw their own conclusions? Or perhaps, the program can help your child develop in the areas of the five domains. Please watch our video to hear from teachers, students, and parents about these benefits and more.


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