• Inquiry

    Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School


    Program Type:

    Program within a School



    3 - 5


    Eligibility Criteria:

    All students grades 3rd-5th residing within the Rock Hill Schools attendance zone.


    Program for students with gifts/interests in:

    Pursuing their natural curiosity in order to create their own learning and build their own knowledge.  Students that are self-motivated and self-directed are particularly strong in an inquiry approach.


    Benefits/Goals of the Program:

    Through inquiry students are able to learn through their own passions, interests, and curiosities.  Students are better able and equipped to link their natural wonders to real world applications.


    Program Continuation:

    Currently there is no set middle school feeder program.  However, there are several components of the inquiry approach that prepare students well for both the IB and STEAM programs.


    Program Specific Course Offerings/Instructional Models:

    We employ the inquiry based learning model of instruction.  In this model students are taught and encouraged to make notices, wonders, and appreciations about their learning and instruction.  We embrace being teachers both tall (Certified Teacher) and small (Students).  Students investigate and research ways to communicate their findings and reflect on their learning processes.


    Contact for Program Specific Questions:

    John Kirell (jkirell@rhmail.org) or James Daigle (jdaigle@rhmail.org)


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