Apply for Choice

  • Thank you for your interest in the Rock Hill Schools Choice Programs. The window to apply for Choice Programs for the 2023-2024 school year will open on Jan. 5 and close at midnight on Feb. 28.  

    If you are new to Rock Hill Schools and want to apply for a choice program, use our New Student Registration + Choice Application link.

    If you are interested in the tuition-based , 3K Montessori program at Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School, please use this link:  3K Montessori Schools of Choice Application

    If your student is currently enrolled in a school within our district, you will fill out the Choice Application for 2023-2024 for existing students. Then you will complete the verification process later this winter.


    Learn about School of Choice program offerings.

    Who should apply?

    • NO if your child is already in a program as a School of Choice student (ie going from Kindergarten Immersion to 1st grade Immersion)
    • NO if your child was zoned and enrolled in a School of Choice program, but you moved and want your child to stay in program.
    • NO if your child will be transitioning from the elementary Language Immersion school to the middle school Language Immersion program. You will complete an Intent to Transfer form provided by the school.
    • YES if your child is in a School of Choice program but will be changing school levels within the same program (ie going from STEAM elem to STEAM middle)
    • YES if your child is in a School of Choice program, will change school levels in the upcoming year, but you desire to change programs (ie Inquiry Elementary to STEAM Middle)
    • YES if you live out of the district, but you are interested in Rock Hill School's Choice program (Tuition is required.)
    • YES if the child for which you are applying has a sibling in the Choice Program on the same level (elementary, middle, high) to which you are applying. Your child will be given priority, but you are still required to apply.
    • YES if your child is in 4K/PreKindergarten at a School of Choice, you must still apply for School of Choice to be considered for a slot in any Kindergarten Choice program.

    Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Additional Information for STEAM High Shcool, Language Immersion and Montessori Applicants

    STEAM Middle to High Transition

    8th grade applicants who apply for admission into South Pointe's STEAM program who did not attend Saluda Trail Middle or current 9th grade applicants who are transferring from a different high school should download, complete and upload the appropriate STEAM worksheet while submitting this application. Failure to submit the worksheet will void this application.
    Middle School Worksheet (for a current 8th grader who did not attend Saluda Trail for Middle School)
    High School worksheet (for a current 9th grader who did not attend Saluda Trail Middle School)
    Current Dual Language Immersion Students
    Students currently enrolled in 5th and 8th grade Immersion do not need to complete the Choice application to transition to the next level of the program.  Instead, they will receive an intent form to complete, from their school, in February of the current school year.
    Current Montessori 4K students do not need to apply for Montessori 5K.  Parents will be given an opportunity to complete an intent to transition to 5K form provided during the spring semester.