Program Overview


        Accelerated Studies Graphic

        The Accelerated Studies at Sunset Park Center has a mission and vision that “we will create a child-centered learning environment where all children will learn at high levels.” The program integrates a highly advanced program throughout the school to nurture the gifts and talents of every student to help them grow academically.

        The Accelerated Studies program includes a clustered classroom option for students identified as Gifted and Talented (G/T) in third, fourth and fifth grade. In addition, the school offers enrichment opportunities to every child, including those in kindergarten through second grade. Sunset Park Center is the only school in York County with Gifted and Talented endorsed teachers for all students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

        Cluster classrooms consist of ‘like-identified’ Gifted and Talented students receiving all day instruction in every content area from the G/T endorsed teacher using G/T strategies. Students will be challenged to maximize their potential through a rigorous and accelerated curriculum that will match the individual needs of the gifted learner.

        Students will participate in Enrichment Clusters of their choosing that have been developed based on staff’s interests. A child can choose an area of interest such as archery, music, legos, band, pottery, sign language, computer coding, engineering, or origami. Enrichment clusters occur every Friday and run in two separate 10 week cycles.

        Outside of the classroom, Sunset Park offers many opportunities for student development and growth. Competitive teams for grades 3 through 5 participate in the District’s Science Bowl, Math Olympiad Competitions, and Battle of the Books. Other opportunities include:  Robotics Team, TNN Morning News Show, Student Council, Beta Club, Girls on the Run, and Field Studies.


      Course Offerings

      • Program Specific Course Offerings/Instructional Models:
        We offer GT cluster classes in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  All of our academic teachers are GT endorsed in order to meet the academic needs of all of our students in kindergarten through fifth grades.  We believe that the differentiation that is expected for GT students is good for all students, and we do not want to limit that understanding for any of our staff.  We have a wealth of additional GT materials and resources that are available for our teachers to use.  We have recently developed our own GT curriculum map that incorporates these resources in a way that maximizes their impact.  This work was facilitated by a GT education consultant who worked with our teachers over the summer of 2018.  And last, we offer enrichment clusters for all of our students at Sunset Park.  This is a club based program that allows our students to delve into a topic that they want to learn more about and which interests them.  It is a club based program that all students at Sunset Park take part in during two 10 week-long sessions in the fall and spring.  It provides our students with an element of choice in their day as well as a chance to connect with an adult and other students who share that same interest.


      • Awards/Recognition/Designations Received:
        All academic teachers and administrators are required to have their GT endorsement in SC.  We have earned:  2 Perfect ACT ASPIRE Scores in 2015,

        3 Max Scale Scores on SCREADY in Math in 2016, 1 Max Scale Scores on SCREADY in Math in 2018, and the following Perfect PASS Scores:

        2018 - 1 Perfect PASS Score

        2017 - 1 Perfect PASS Score

        2016 - 2 Perfect PASS Scores

        2015 - 2 Perfect PASS Scores

        Duke TIP Participants:

        2017 – 37 students received qualifying scores

        In addition, we have earned 5 Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards.