• Overview of Programs


    Accelerated Studies- Available Grades K-5

    • Learning is enhanced through technology infusion, student choice, research opportunities, and expeditionary learning challenges.
    • Learning is differentiated based on specific needs of students, high levels of academic challenge, and strategies for students with special needs

     Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies K-5

    Arts- Available Grades K-5

    • Learning is based on the integration of dance, drama, music and visual art.
    • Learning is enriched through the arts and provides opportunities for all students to succeed by increasing self-confidence, self-expression, and self-discipline

     Northside Elementary School of the Arts K-5

    International Baccalaureate- Available Grades K-8

    • Learning helps students establish personal values as a foundation upon which international-mindedness will develop and flourish.
    • Learning experiences develop an appreciation of and respect for other cultures through integrated instruction, global problem exploration, and critical thinking.

    Rosewood Elementary School K-5

    Sullivan Middle School 6-8

    Inquiry- Available Grades 3-5

    • Learning is a natural process that requires conversation, feedback, and reflection.
    • Learning is a process that requires students to view and respect the world through multiple perspectives.

     Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School  3-5

    Language Immersion- Available Grades K-6

    • Learning occurs in Spanish or French for 50% of instruction and in English.
    • Learning in a bilingual environment increases flexibility in thinking.

    Cherry Park Elementary School K-5

    Sullivan Middle School Grade 6

    Montessori- Available Grades K-2

    • Learning is based on student choice and a hands-on discovery model.
    • Learning is in the context of a multi-age classroom.

     Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School K-2

    STEAM- Available Grades K-12

    • Learning is grounded in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
    • Learning is problem-based and project based across all grades.

    Oakdale Elementary School K-5

    Saluda Trail Middle School 6-8

    South Pointe High School 9-12