• Apprenticeships are getting a lot of attention in the nation but there tends to be much confusion about them.  Probably because each Apprenticeship has a different process based on company requirements.  Here is a summary.
    Apprenticeship2000 Companies:
    • Ameritech Die & Mold, Inc.
    • Blum
    • Chiron America
    • Daetwyler
    • Pfaff Mold
    Companies recruited by Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) under their Apprenticeship Charlotte program include:
    • Bosch Rexroth
    • Groninger
    • Siemens Energy
    There is another consortium of companies called Apprenticeship 321 that is working with Gaston College. 
    Companies, such as Schaeffler work with York Tech, BMW and Michelin work with Greenville Tech, and Duke Energy work with various colleges, have their own independent apprenticeship programs. 
    Regardless what program/company, every student will need to provide the following: 
    ·   Transcript/grades
    ·   College placement test scores
    ·   Behavior record
    ·   Attendance record
    ·   3 Teacher recommendations
    Additional details:
    Unweighted GPA: 2.8 or greater for Apprenticeship2000; 2.5 or greater for Apprenticeship Charlotte; others vary
    Age requirement: Each company may have unique age requirements. Companies, such as Schaeffler, mandate that the apprentice be 18 years or older. Apprenticeship 2000 companies recruit high school juniors or seniors so the age could be 17 - 19 years.
    Curriculum: Apprenticeship2000 has a cohort going through the Mechatronics program at CPCC, but each company within the consortium has different career paths that can be pursued. Siemens and Bosch want their apprentices to be enrolled in Computer Integrated Machining, while Groninger is either Mechatronics or Computer Integrated Machining. Schaeffler sends their apprentices to York Technical College to one of two programs: Machine Tool – Tool and Die or Industrial Maintenance – Setup Operator
    Contract agreement: All companies have some sort of agreement in place that students will need to sign. The specifics will vary by company, but most are simply at-will work agreements. Siemens requires their apprentices sign an agreement that tuition and book costs must be paid back if the apprentice is fired for any reason or chooses to quit before finishing the apprenticeship. Schaeffler requires a two-year employment obligation at end of their 3.5 year Apprentice Program.
    Employment Status: Siemens hires the apprentices as contract employees. After two years they become full-time Siemens employees with benefits. All of the other companies hire apprentices with full-time status and benefits from the first day.
    Salary/bonuses: All registered apprentices have a progressive wage scale, where by the end of the apprenticeship, Dept Of Labor mandates that apprentices make 85% of the entry level equivalent for each position. However, each company develops their own progressive wage scale and wages for positions vary in different companies. Some companies may offer bonuses or incentive pay as the apprentice obtains new skills.