• ATC Logo The Applied Technology Center offers a variety of career and technical high school courses, designed specifically to prepare students for success in college, technical/specialty school, or the workforce. ATC courses provide students the opportunity to use academic skills in a project-based, hands-on learning environment.

    • Students who successfully complete two years of a program may earn a certificate of completion
    • Level I courses are one (1) credit introductory courses. Level II courses may be one or two credits courses.
    • Some courses may offer the opportunity for Early College (the ability to earn both high school and college credit.)
    • Early College students may be required to pay fees for tuition/ textbooks and/or supplied necessary for the class.
    • Students may qualify to participate in a work-based Cooperative Learning education experience.
    • The Computer Literacy graduation requirement may be satisfied by designated ATC courses.
    • Registration priority for Level I is given to juniors.

    For questions on enrolling a high school student in one of our programs, call one of our guidance counselors at:  803-981-1100.