• Work-based learning experiences provide "hands-on" workplace opportunities for students to study more complex subject matter and workplace skills. Work-based learning experiences available in Rock Hill School District 3 are apprenticeships, co-ops, internships, shadowing (virtual and on site), school based enterprise, service learning, structured field trip and WBL credit bearing course.

    Shadowing is a one-day experience where students get an initial overview of a career field. Students need to see their Career Specialist to arrange this opportunity.

    Semester experiences include Internships, Cooperative Education (Coop), and Apprenticeships. Internships allow students to develop skills in a career area of interest. Cooperation Education experiences provide students who have taken a high school career and technology education program to expand their skill level on the job under the supervision of an employer. Apprenticeships can also be developed with students and employers.

    Service learning is another form of work-based learning. Students use the knowledge and skills learned in school settings to assist community service organizations. Volunteerism, citizenship, "soft skills," and job-specific skills are reinforced through these connecting activities.


    Information and Forms

    If you are interested in becoming involved in Rock Hill Schools’ work-based activities, please contact Mandy Wolff at the office at 2399 W. Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730, email mwolff@rhmail.org. or call 803-981-1100.

    The Work-Based Learning Manual is provided for potential employers, students and parents to review and learn more about your role in these activities.


    Work Based Learning Forms:

Phone: 803-985-3014


Degrees and Certifications:

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF®) Master’s Degree in Education in Secondary Guidance Counseling Bachelor degree from Bryan College

Mrs. Mandy Wolff

Mandy Wolff serves as the Work Based Learning Coordinator for the Rock Hill School District in Rock Hill, SC. She is a native of Rock Hill. Mandy received her Bachelor degree from Bryan College in Dayton Tn. and her Master’s Degree in Education in Secondary Guidance Counseling from Winthrop University. Mandy worked as a SC Probation/Parole (receiving SC Officer of the year in 1990) agent for 10 years setting up community service work sites for probationers. After starting a family Mandy worked as a Guidance Counselor for a private school and has been working in the Rock Hill School District since 2005. She gained extensive experience in building partnerships between business and education, including work-based learning activities (shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships). Mandy has received a 3 grants to connect local businesses, the college and technical schools in the area, and the high schools to one another to form a talent pipeline between the three entities.