• Financial Aid

    Hands holding a sign with white textDescription automatically generatedMAJOR Changes to FAFSA Application 

    The changes will provide a more streamlined application process, expanded eligibility for federal financial aid, reduced barriers for certain student populations, and a better user experience for the FAFSA form. FAFSA simplification will be implemented in phases, with full implementation of major provisions in the 2024–25 Award Year. The new process features: 

    ·         Reduced number of questions from 108 to about 36 

    ·         Aligns more questions on FAFSA with federal income tax returns 

    ·         Automatic transfer of IRS data to the FAFSA 

    ·         Increases aid eligibility for single parents 

    ·         Decreases aid eligibility for middle- and high-income families 

    ·         Shift in focus away from cash flow to a slightly greater emphasis on wealth 

    ·         Reduced likelihood of verification because fewer questions and more data transferred from the IRS 

    ·         New Federal Pell Grant formula 

    The U.S. Department of Education is implementing major changes to the FAFSA®, delaying the 2024-25 application open date from October 1 to December 2023 (specific date yet to be announced).  

    You can access a Financial Aid Toolkit from the Federal Student Aid website HERE