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    Early Childhood Education is a unique two-year program that serves as an avenue for college-bound students who are planning on a career in the education of young children or enter professional careers that involve children, such as pediatrics, social work, counseling, etc.

     Program of Study:

    • Exploring career options in Early Childhood Education
    • Familiarization with Early Childhood Education programs
    • All area of child development - prenatal, infant, toddler, pre-schooler, kindergartener, school-age child
    • Positive guidance techniques
    • Classroom management
    • Storytelling methods and performance
    • Manuscript writing
    • Play/puppetry experiences

    This is a hands-on class, where students explore the field of teaching by interacting with young children in meaningful educational experiences.  Students will assemble a Pattern File, Activity File, create interactive Bulletin Boards, will participate in Service Learning activities, observe parents/caregivers/children, and will demonstrate cooperative skills when planning and carrying out various activities with peers and children.

    Syllabus - Introduction to Teaching I

    Intro 1 Description:

    Introduction to Teaching 1 is designed to prepare students for careers in the education field. This course will examine careers in early childhood, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education. Students learn the foundations of education, human growth and development, brain development, teaching strategies, classroom management, and instructional planning and assessment. Technology, professionalism, and academic skills are integrated throughout the course work. There is also an extended learning experience where the student will go into schools and work with a mentor teacher. Professional dress attire is required. Students must earn a 75 or higher in this course as a prerequisite for higher level courses.

    Syllabus - Introduction to Teaching II

    Intro 2 Description:

    Introduction to Teaching 2 is an advanced level course that builds on skills developed in Introduction to Teaching Level 1. Students develop a higher level of proficiency through authentic learning experiences. Students plan engaging lessons, enhance communication and presentation skills, explore school-societal relationships, and exhibit professionalism. Technology is integrated throughout the course work. Participation in student organizations (EdRising) Educators Rising and (FCCLA) Family, Careers, Community, Leaders of America greatly enhance the learning experience.


    Intro 3 Description:

    In Introduction to Teaching 3, students will engage in an extended learning opportunities for professional experiences in education. Students will demonstrate integration of curriculum and instruction to meet children’s developmental needs and interests in an internship at a local Rock Hill school under the supervision of the ATC teacher and a mentor teacher. The student will be responsible for their own transportation and professional attire. Students will complete portfolios as an assessment of their experiences.