• What is Media Technology?   


    Media Technology is:

    • Film Studies
    • Story-Telling
    • Video Camera Techniques
    • Scripts and Detailed Shot Lists
    • Video-Editing with Professional Editing Software
    • Collaboration with Other FilmMakers


    The Media Technology course focuses on the ENTIRE video production process from planning & scripting to filming with various camera composition & shots to editing the work into an engaging, powerful visual story. 


    The introductory levels (1 & 2) focus on the fundamentals of video production.  Level 3 is an advanced level class that specializes in Broadcast production (think news-stories, interviews, live-broadcast).  The Level 4 class is a culmination of all levels where we seek out projects within the Rock Hill Schools and in the City of Rock Hill communities and produce films specifically for these clients.  Every fall, our class produces video-documentaries for the Rock Hill Freedom Walkway.


    For more information, please email the instructor Mr. Majors.


Phone: 803-981-1100


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Andy Majors