Phone: 803-981-1100


Degrees and Certifications:

RN from Midlands Technical College LPN degree is from York Technical College

Mrs. Angela Robinson

I am Angela Robinson, a Register Nurse. I teach Health Science Clinical Studies. There were two career areas I wanted to do in my life, be a Teacher or a Nurse. I did neither at first, but later I decided to pursue the nursing field. I have worked in healthcare for 18 years. I love what I do.

I was a CNA II for three years. My CNA experiences: Long-Term Care, Assisting Living as a Med Tech, Rehabilitation, and Hospice.

My LPN degree is from York Technical College. My LPN experiences: 5 years in Long Term Care. Hospice, Home Health - Pediatric and Wound Care. 9 years in the Emergency Department.  

I earned my RN from Midlands Technical College. My RN experiences: 1 year on a Medical Telemetry Unit, and IICU. I recently transferred back to the Emergency Department.

I love being a nurse. I am passionate about providing quality patient care. I hold myself to the same standard of patient care that I expected from my students.

I bring real life nursing experiences into the classroom. My goal is to encourage their critical level of thinking, while building a solid foundation with basic nursing fundamentals that they can continue to build on in college.

As a RN, it has allowed me to fulfill my other dream in life, teach. I reached my goal (RN) and got my dream (teaching).