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      Program Overview

      • The STEAM program strives to provide a cohesive curriculum that doesn’t separate subject matters but instead fusing them together to find connections between all subjects. STEAM reduces the “silos of subject” learning methods and embraces transdisciplinary education to foster a more well-rounded student. STEAM education strives to make classrooms look, feel, and function like the real world. One of the goals of STEAM is to empower students, both immediately and in the future.

        At South Pointe, STEAM prepares students for the world they enter. What is taught today is used to invent and innovate tomorrow. The world is constantly changing, and STEAM aims to prepare students not only for the current work environment but for potential jobs that don’t even exist yet. Teachers develop authentic connections between content and practice which builds a strong foundation for students to sharpen their problem-solving skills.

      Course Offerings

      • The STEAM pathways offered at South Pointe High School include Biomedical Science, Clean Energy Technology, Computer Science, Convergence Media, and Engineering. For detailed information about each pathway and course details, please visit the STEAM Pathway website by clicking the icon below:

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      • 2018 site visit by League of Innovative Schools


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        South Pointe High School
        801 Neely Road

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        Dr. Valarie Williams

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