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      Program Overview

      • STEAM Graphic Middle School

        Program for students with gifts/interests in:
        Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics; hands-on Project/Problem Based learning techniques; specialized related arts

        What are the Benefits of the STEAM Program? 
        The program develops steam-minded students that are able to utilize an engineering design process to solve higher-order, real-world problems.  Problem/Project based instructional strategies are implemented in all classes and integrate subject matter across all contents.  Our STEAM program also utilizes a blended and personalized learning approach to ensure the needs of every child are met and encourage student agency and self-direction.  Arts are infused within the core content in a manner that provides voice/choice to students as they develop hands-on products and solutions.


      Course Offerings

      • Program Specific Course Offerings/Instructional Models:
        Instructional Models: Blended, Personalized Learning approach; Project/Problem based learning

        Special Programs/Course Offerings:
        Robotics/Engineering, Digital Piano, Sculpture, Animation, Theatre, Fashion Design, Photography, Web Design, Broadcasting; Science courses utilized Project Lead the Way (Gateway) units to supplement curriculum;

        Special resources:
        Broadcasting room; One-Button Studio; Makerspace; Engineering lab (all with high quality, advanced equipment)


      • Awards/Recognition/Designations Received:

        STEM Certified

        AdvancED STEM Certification

        P21 Innovative School

        Winthrop Partnership School

        Transform SC School

        Personalized Tier School


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