• Northwestern High School Virtual Make Up School (MUS) - COVID-19 Based Guidelines
    Trojans - All 2019-2020 2nd semester classes have been approved for no seat time requirement by the SCDOE. All 1st semester classes that were failed due to attendance (FAs) may be made up by verification of virtual make up school (MUS) being served individually and at home. Please contact Ms. Stinson on CANVAS and connect with her for details. All students participating in seat time recovery (MUS) must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • All time must be accounted for and verified by the student as served
    • Students will serve time at home and log hours for all time outside the hours of 8-3:30PM.
    • All verification needs to be sent by CANVAS to Coach Stinson or written and mailed to her at 2503 W. Main St, Rock Hill SC.
    • All students must list their activity to represent the time served for example (reading - 3.5 hrs on Monday, May 2nd)
    • Seniors must submit this information for all time to be recovered by May 29th.
    • All others will have until June 30th to submit this information.
    Please make sure to reach out to Ms. Stinson through CANVAS for information. 

    • There is a charge of $20 per session payable by cash only.
    • This must be paid at the door.
    • Students must be on time and will not be admitted late or dismissed early.
    • Make up school is held in the library.  Students will scan in with their school ID.
    • Students must work on assignments and/or read during make up school. 
    • No Netflix, computer games, or music is allowed during the session.
    • Students who do not follow policy can be removed from make up school without receiving credit.
    • No cell phones are allowed.
    • Laptops are allowed only if working on school work.


    State Policy Regarding Failure Due to Absences

    The State of South Carolina deems that a student cannot miss more than 6 days of school each semester.  If the student misses more than 6, they are required (by law) to attend a Make Up School session.   Each day over 6 requires 1.5 hours per class per day of Make Up School.  For example, if a student misses day 7, all 4 blocks - 6 hours of MUS are required.  If a student only misses 1 block on day 7 - 1.5 hours are required. 

    The cost for each session is $20.00.

    A program was initiated by the State called Competency Based Credit.  The criteria for the CBC is that the student makes a 60 or better on the final semester exam AND a 70 or better final semester grade they can exempt seat time.  Only EXCUSED absences may be made up under CBC guidelines.  Students not meeting this criteria must attend MUS.  Hours are provided after grades are in.

    There are 2 forms: the MUS form and the CBC form.  Both must be signed by the student and the CBC is taken home for the parent (guardian) signature.  The form must be returned to be counted. 


    For questions about Make Up School or CBC, contact Ms. Stinson at 803-981-1240, or by email at arstinson@rhmail.org.