Degrees and Certifications:

James Daigle

As a kid growing up in CT, I wanted to grow up to be a superhero. Since I don’t have superpowers, the Force is not strong with me, and my Hogwarts letter did not arrive, I chose to “settle” for being an educator.  After graduating from Winthrop University in 2003, I wanted to keep things easy and keep the same mascot, so I went from being an Eagle at Winthrop to being an Eagle at Ebenezer Ave.  

I saw a lot of change while at Ebenezer.  While here, my personal family grew…..and my hairline shrank.  During my tenure as teacher here, I married my wife, Mandy, had a daughter, Harper, and a son, Gibson.  

I have been involved in some of the changes at Ebenezer Ave. too.  During my professional journey, I taught in the 5th grade classroom, co-taught in 6th grade when we had a 6th grade program, was a teacher in the Inquiry Program, and am now the Lead Teacher for the Inquiry Program.

When I am not in the classroom, my alter ego likes to explore new places with my family, read, learn guitar, barbeque, and plant a garden.

Although my own hero’s journey did not go according to my childhood dreams, I have loved my experiences of empowering learners to discover their own superpowers.