• Fifth-grade students have a firm grasp of the basic academics. From this grade on, writing becomes more important and more frequent. In fifth grade, students practice and refine the skills learned in the lower grades. They are encouraged to think and analyze more deeply. At this age, students are able to take more responsibility for organizing and prioritizing their work. In Math, students shift from working with whole numbers to working with fractions and decimals. Students will now use grouping symbols when solving equations. Fifth graders also build on the work done in previous grades with number patterns and begin to compare two number patterns and determine how those number patterns can be graphed. By the end of fifth grade, students will use formulas to determine area, perimeter, and volume of basic geometric shapes.


    In Science we will learn about ecosystems, motion & design, landforms & oceans, and mixtures & solutions. We will discuss the United States from the Westward Movement and Reconstruction, to the Industrial Revolution and the Roaring Twenties, to the Great Depression and World War II, all the way through the Cold War and up to the present.



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