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SRO Hart

Hello humans, SSO Hart reporting, professionally speaking!

Born on a lazy Monday in the Hot month of August as Kimberly Hart, and raised right here in Rock Hill, SC. I’m the youngest of three and often referred to by my sister as a “Bag of Skittles” because you just never know what to expect from me. I’ve been apart of the “Mama” Society for 6 years now and it’s by far the most intense volunteer job that I pay for but could never dream of quitting. Outside of work though I’m not as serious as I look at times, I’m honestly a 90’s kid with an old soul with a child’s heart. Personally, I haven’t always been the self-assured individual I am today and at times I’m still unsure. It’s taken time & therapy to mend many pieces, adjust my mental, and accepting people/things for who & what they are. My daughter Nala plays a major part in my daily growth and makes me feel like I can do anything even when I feel I haven’t done enough. Me being able to help other people whether it be talking, through my Art, or lending my helping hand has always been my thing, even when I’ve become tired or unable to help myself. My biggest flex is that even broken and perfectly imperfect on my worse day I can still fill the world with a little happiness & a smile!