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Wilmart Adlawan

 I'm Wilmart Dejero Adlawan, a 29-year-old Filipino man who is married with two children. Since then, mathematics has become my favorite subject, and I used to cry whenever I didn't know the correct solution to a problem. I studied mathematics for my bachelor's degree in the Philippines, and I have spent most of my time becoming an expert in the subject. I ended up working as an assistant mathematics instructor at Kumon International Training Center since I typically look for ways to make money while I'm in school. I enjoy spending time with children and their supportive parents there. After graduating from college in 2016, I worked as a mathematics professor for a year before being hired by the Department of Education to work with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students from 2017 until 2023. I also work as a research adviser and researcher in the department and am known for my study about hybrid learning strategy as a great help during the time of the pandemic. As a teacher, I am really proud to see my students succeed in life. Some of them became engineers, nurses, educators, and many more. I took my Master's degree in 2017 and successfully graduated in 2019. Also, while enjoying my years as a teacher, I started to enroll in a doctoral program but was regrettably interrupted to concentrate on applying in the US. Until then, my dream has come true, and I am very grateful to Northwestern High School for giving me this chance. I also hope that my story will continue after this point. Guaranteed that my work will be filled with hard work and dedication.