• The health room is staffed by a full-time registered nurse,
    but it is very small and generally quite busy. It is available for students
    with an acute illness (with symptoms such as fever, moderate to severe pain,
    nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), first aid needs (such as foreign object in the
    eye, nose bleed, injury), blood glucose checks, asthma attacks, or prescription

    To enter the health room, students must have a pass from
    the teacher. Unless it is deemed an emergency, students without a pass will be
    referred to an administrator for cutting class.  The number of health room
    visits by individual students will be monitored. If a pattern of misuse is
    identified, the student will be disciplined accordingly. Students with
    Individual Health Plans (along with notes from a physician and/or parent) may
    be an exception to this rule.  The school nurse will keep a log of each
    time a student visits the health room and the reason. 

    Students who are sick must see the school nurse or her
    back-up before going home. Students will NOT be permitted to leave campus to
    obtain medication or change clothes without obtaining permission from an
    administrator or the school nurse and contact with parent/guardian. 

    Email the school nurse

    School nurse - 803-981-1498