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      Program Overview

      • Montessori education focuses on individualized learning plans that are self-directed by each student taking responsibility for their own learning path. The philosophy of Montessori learning is based on the belief that children learn better when they have the freedom to choose what they are learning, how they learn it, and when they learn it. The emphasis is placed on creating independence and confidence, which in return, extends past the boundaries of the classroom. The Montessori classroom is designed to provide a creative environment where a child can be inspired to naturally learn through play and academics.

        How It Works:

        • Classrooms are comprised of mixed-age children
        • Open concept layout
        • Different lessons for different children, with each child given the opportunity to learn at their own pace
        • Not uncommon for up to 3 hours of uninterrupted lesson blocks
        • Students taking ownership of their learning
        • Various hands-on stations throughout the classroom
        • Activities and materials custom-designed for children to choose throughout the day
        • Teachers continuously move throughout the classroom helping children vs traditional model of standing at the front of the classroom



        Program Location:
        Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School
        242 Ebenezer Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29730

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        Contact for Program-Specific Questions:
        Sheleea Leonard