Welcome to Northwestern High School, Home of The Trojans! I am proud to serve as the principal of this great school, where we strive to provide the best wholistic educational experience for your student. Education is truly my passion, and, as the leader of this institution, I have always prioritized a student-centered focus to guide our decision-making process every school year. 

    At Northwestern, your student will become a part of something special. We believe each student is uniquely-equipped to contribute to the greater good and consider it our mission to find ways to motivate them to achieve their specific goals. Consequently, we see education as the conduit to reaching these goals. It is our job to provide the appropriate resources, supports, and guidance for students to do so safely and effectively. 

    Being a Trojan means you are now part of our family! Please take this as a personal invitation to get involved! As a Trojan parent, you will find many opportunities to serve and connect with our school. As a Trojan student, it is easy to find one's niche, whether it be through a club/organization, one of our premier fine arts programs, and/or as a member of one of our athletic teams. The more you contribute and engage in what we have to offer, the more your bond with Northwestern will continue to grow!  

    As the flagship school within this district, we hope to further expand our footprint across this region as a high-performing academic program that meets the needs of ALL students. We have so much to share with you and your family this year at Northwestern High School, a place where "Tradition Never Graduates!"  I look forward to meeting you as we serve our students! Again, welcome to the Trojan Family!  



    Hezekiah Massey, III