Located in beautiful, southern Rock Hill, Independence was built in 1977.  At the time of its construction, the population in Rock Hill was booming.  IDES, along with Mount Gallant, was built to ease the growth that the district was experiencing.  The school first served students in first through sixth grade. Building additions were added in the early 1990s to accommodate a growing student enrollment.  In 1991, sixth graders were moved as a result of the changes the district made to move to the middle school concept.  Currently, Independence Elementary serves a school population of over 550 students in grades kindergarten through five. 

    School Colors:  Red and Blue                                        
    Mascot:  Patriot                                  
    School Motto: Enter To Learn, Depart To Lead

    Kimberly Odom (2017 - Present)

    Lesley King (2015- 2017)

    Jill Pappas (2013-2015)

    Marc Swygert (2010-2013)

    Mary Chandler (1998-2010)

    Anne Bogan (1995-1998)

    Tony Reid (1990-1995)

    Sam Cason (1985-1990)

    Dona Livingston (1977-1985)