• In Third Grade, we have an abundance of exciting curriculum.  Your student will go from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".  Also, they will go from "learning to write" to "writing to communicate".  In Social Studies, world geography is our focus.  We explore Earth’s physical and human features and how these features interact to make Earth our home.  Science leads us through learning about the Earth's rocks and minerals; land and water features; plants and animals and the distinct environments in which they live; and forms of energy: light, sound, and motion.  In math, we work hard to continue to develop and extend skills learned in Second Grade.  We learn many new math concepts, such as, multiplication, division, and fractions. In third grade, we work hard, but we play hard too! 

    Read to Succeed is South Carolina's comprehensive reading reform policy enacted
    into law (Act 284) in June 2014. 
    The intent is to ensure:

    • Evidence-based reading instruction in grades PreK through twelve is utilized in the classroom.
    • Valid and reliable assessments are administered and data analyzed to inform instruction.
    • Interventions are provided as needed so that all students display proficiency with literacy skills.
    • Identified students who are not yet reading at grade-level are served as early as possible.
    • Targeted and effective literacy support from classroom and support teachers is given to students
      who are not at grade-level proficiency.
    • Information regarding student reading progress including actions by the classroom teacher is communicated regularly.
    • In-service preparation and literacy coursework which better prepares instructional personnel with literacy needs is required to
      support all students' literacy needs.
    • Development of necessary reading and writing proficiency to graduate and prepare for college or career is emphasized and expected of all students.  

      *Information retrieved from South Carolina Department of Education website.